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Andrew William Reid (Songman, Andy, Tashe) - Bard, song writer, tavern owner, wanderer, father, son, husband, once and future alcoholic and Ilsarian, Andrew can be found in love and war and climbing out of various women's bedroom windows in the wee hours...well, before he was married anyway.  Most chatty fellow, interested in your stories and the pattern of emotions in people's lives.   Description: Six-foot-six, slanted single-lidded eyes with very dark brown irises, black hair touched with a smattering of grey that reaches his shoulders most days unless he gets lazy and doesn't cut it for a while, and skin slightly darker than an end-of-summer tan.  Thin; built for speed, not strength.  Considered by many to be very handsome.


Tyr'riel William Reid-Dragonheart (Ty) - Quiet fellow, adopted son of Andrew and Tyra Dragonheart; nimble and good with locks, traps, and sabres, but sucks at love.  Is usually found with clay on or in his hands; let him know if you want molds or glass items, he's happy to make them.  Hangs around Dririan Kingdom on Corsain a lot these days.  Description: Five-foot-nine, slanted double-lidded eyes with old pox scars on his face; trimly muscular and in excellent health.  His black hair tends toward untidy cowlicks and for that he keeps it cut short.


Marion MacMurray (Mari) - Toranite paladin and student of Daniella Stormhaven and Lance Stargazer.  Mari is an optimist, fiercly protective of nearly everyone and not afraid to kill when necessary.  She's found nearly always in Siphe Kingdom training in the ranks of the Siphe military, and calls Siphe home although her family lives in Fort Llast. Description: Five-foot-six with a swimmer's build, Mari has green eyes and strawberry blonde hair that she prefers to wear in helmet-friendly braids.  She has a love-hate relationship with her sun freckles.  


Lola - Sometimes quiet, sometimes not. Often demure, but then again. Five-four, slender, with auburn hair and a plain brown right eye; her left eye can be blue, green, black, purple, or hidden altogether under an eyepatch. Her delicate hands are often found chiseling gems from rock deposits.



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