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Aden Delaveth

Part young elf, part traveller and aspiring craftsman, Aden follows his very own path. As a member of the Wolfswood Rangers, he is mostly on the road and busy with something. Usually, trouble isn't far off.

Description: Before you stands an elf who is a tad smaller than average, with bright amber eyes and wild hazel hair.



William Leox

Trained by Daniella Stormhaven, Jillian Stuart and Lance Stargazer, William Leox is a young paladin of Toran whose travels have led him to Fiorez City and the Hilm Protectorate. Despite being the youngest graduate from the TLP, this knight errant of the Order of the Longsword is mostly seen wearing a stern and stoic expression, focused on the task at hand.

Description: Before you stands a human with short black hair and ice-blue eyes that watch his surroundings calm and with an inquisitive, penetrating gaze. His demeanour radiates confidence and a focused state of mind. He wears and ankh around his neck and seems to prefer simple, functional clothing.


Kaelan Silverwing

This young grayelf, once student of the Al'Noth in Spellguard and then in Port Hempstead, is now working as a freelancer to get out of the rough patch he hit recently. Avoiding conversations due to his strong stutter, he's usually keeping in the background and to himself.

Description: Kaelan is a wiry grayelf with silver hair. His eyes are vibrant purple with spots of amber at the edges, he usually wears glasses. A silver necklace could often be seen around his neck, with an old wolf's fang attached to the chain.


Tyrel Sundancer

A strange, tall elf tattooed from head to toe, usually talking in the thrid person. Has a knack for fighting.

Description: Tyrel is large for an elf, he towers most elves with his trained frame. The scars on his dark skin tell of a harsh life, yet the tattoos show some sort of artistic expression that isn't necessarily of elvish origin. Bright emerald eyes seem to always have an intense, stern look on the world, as if nothing ever escapes them. His facial expression appears to be always measured, and he keeps his body in good shape. When he moves, he does so with the determination, self-awareness and the deadly grace of a predator.





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