Seeking information on the T'oleflor

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Seeking information on the T'oleflor

*Posted in Hempstead, the Sadinia Islands and Ovdear*

I have heard recent whispers that there was an unnatural cause behind the recent great wave thet struck the coast of Mistone. I have heard told that the T'oleflor should be sought out for information regarding this event, although I am not sure what roll they play. Some of these rumors insist that the path to the T'oleflor lay through the Dragon Isles and others The Serpent Isle and more yet through other lands such as Voltrex. If any persons would have more information in this regard, I ask that they share what they will with myself. The T'oleflor should not be lightly sought out or pressed for favors. Use knowledge in planning your course and wisdom to travel it. If any truely believe the wave was unatural in its birth, please share with me your suspicions. If any are serious about seeking the T'oleflor, I would make a significant companion on the journey, as long as I am convinced of its merrit. Any information will be respected and used only for the preservation and blanance of Layonora. Further unatural acts must be prevented.

~Aerimor Lightbringer

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Please look for me, Aerimor.

Lana Poetr

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* A hooded figure passes by and states to whoever is there at the moment:*

"What is so unnatural about a tsunami, eh? Just because people died makes it unnatural and unbalanced? You don't hear anyone complaining about balance and unnaturalness if part of a forest burns down and thousands of animals die!"

*With that he leaves town and heads back to where he came from.*

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*a note posted beside Aerimor's*

It's doubtful that they still reside on this plane. Haven't been any recorded signs of them since the days of centaur and unicorns, both nearly extinct in this world. If you find trails of either of these creatures, the Seeders may be close by. Perhaps the places to look are in the ancient groves that they planted? If the Great Oak could talk, he might just remember.

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