Lana asks about the T'oleflor

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Lana asks about the T'oleflor

It's rumored that Lana Poetr has been asking around, trying to find people who may have dealt with the fabled T'oleflor, and telling everyone that she's sure this terrible tsunami isn't due to natural causes.

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Jaelle sends word to Lana Pandorn--if she can find her--that she knows a little about the T'oleflor from stories, and asks she meet with her whenever she might have time to discuss things. She adds that she hopes they can share any information they might each have on the tsunamis.

//PM me and we can try and find an RP time!

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Silent was the night where numerous travelers were seen entering together a certain house in Fort Wayfare. Namely the lore master Lana Poetr.

Since then, rumors spread from farmers and tavern brawls to whatever warriors and travelers one may find, that the wisest and the strongest are being sought by random travelers who speak of an entangled and far reaching story. A greater lore from lower folk is indeed hard to believe and follow... but who knows where rumors came from... some do speak of Lady Selian, the one who lost her love, others say they were there at the moment of truth... others just despite rumors like unfounded threads of thoughts.

But the words are spreading through Mistone like grains of sand in a lesser storm. Whispering of unnatural weather changes and the waves that devastated Fort Hempstead, calling the brave and wise alike to once again find the T'oleflor and seek guidance, help with the waves and who knows what more.

The road to the T'oleflor is hard to both find and pursue... but right before the plunge it takes heroes to save the world as we know it.

// Morunas Khan Val is among the rumor spreading folk, PM me if any related gathering/event will occur

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*ovehearing Larissa passing on information, Ferrit interrupts:*

Ahh, Larissa. You misunderstood me. I know little enough, but let's not compound my errors. The Lumbral is not the Seven Sisters! They are completely separate. Selian is not crazy, only motivated by grief, anger, and her own designs. She is sister to the Silkwood witch, and to the former ruler of Trelania, Allurial. I don't know the names of the other sisters, but they are or were equally talented, famous and influential.

The Lumbral was a governing/advising body much, much longer ago--maybe a thousand years before the great Cataclysm! Now, after almost 2,500 years of isolation, they can again interact with our world. They did help us once, but little is known about their motives and goals. It seemed to me that Selian was suspicious of them.

The T'oleflor are an extremely ancient race of fey beings, who, according to Ozymandias, even predate the arrival of dragons on this world. They care deeply for the integrity, beauty and balance of the natural world. I can't conceive of any reason they would cause a wave to damage so much of it. They long ago withdrew to their own sanctuary, which is indeed extremely difficult to reach. Whether they can be contacted by other means than a visit, I have no idea. They have helped us before, after Selian's lover, Shadow, gave his life to ensure the completion of the bridges needed to reach them.

I really don't think Selian was setting a trap for us. She was alone on a mountain ledge, lost in contemplation. When we* approached, she seemed very reluctant to speak to us. I wasn't sure who she was, but she seemed sad, so I sang to her--a song of a woman grieving for a lost love. She spoke when I sang of asking the wind to bring back the lost love, saying "The wind never aids, the world never aids, life never aids. Actions aid". Then she nodded, when I asked if she was Selian.

After that, she began to question me closely on what I knew of the T'oleflor. I replied: "Not much, but I am a bard. One hears things...So many things are going wrong right now--The terrible wave that devastated Mistone's coastlines. No one knows why it came. And I've heard another is expected. Then Selian looked at me and said, "More than you know is affecting the weather, the waves, the world." She then continued to press me for what I knew about the T'oleflor--which wasn't much.

Exhausting my meager stock of T'oleflor lore, I tried speculating on the cause of the tsunami. She seemed quite adamant that Milara had no hand in it, laughing at my suggestion. When I wondered whether the Green Dragon cult had somehow reached the sea dragons and subverted them, she became quite angry and turned away. She said, "Define subversion lady. You can not, for one does not know the intricasies involved."

I begged her for more information saying, "you came to help, I think. We are not experienced adventurers, but it's our world too--the only one we have. We want to help." Selian muttered, her back still to us: "Do they not hear? Why is it always just me?" And then "Lumbrial....They change everything. But in what way?" She then fell silent, and we left.

(Those who heard Selian speak: Lana Poetr, Buddy Tenker, Jehoram, Morunas Khan Val, Jebediah Kovaluu, Daniel Benjamin Poetr, Talia, Ragnar Ogresbane, Gabriel Gallows)

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//Hirosi Mori was not there. He was in our party but never showed up.

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//Well stated Serissa.

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For those who walk the roads they might have come across a hasted monk by the name of Morunas Khan Val.

He has delivered a written parchment to numerous travelers who might have passed it already from hand to hand and so on.

The parchment carrying the following text:

Spread the rumor, heed the call
Rumor is said that something unnatural is behind the recent devastation of Port Hempstead. Lady Selian said the fitful should seek the T’oleflor, for guidance and help.
Heed the call! The brave and wise must the path to T’oleflor, through the bridges built in Serpent Islands and ask these ancients for help.
If you judge yourself to not be strong enough you can always read this parchment and pass it to another friendly hand.

Morunas Khan Val, Legacy of D’Moon

But this attempt as taken a slightly different route:

Far from the chaos of Port Hempstead, the hasted monk starts to feel he is doing something for the land... as it is all he has left to love. He had written and carried those parchments of truth and ran over distance to reach warriors of Mistone.
But in a windy road, a traveler by the name of Kell imposed himself and held the monk. The talk was long and mind exhausting... but somehow enlightening. After hours of traveling through the ages and understanding now and then a bit more of the world, Morunas reached to perceive that his message could be misinterpreted.
Therefore he put himself on his legs, embraced the world and truth, and ran back through out the land to clarify doubts and misunderstandings of what he was speaking.
He even said: "It is ironic... how a mere paragraph could change the course of actions..."

And so to many of those he addressed back to, or even more parchments and notes left here and there, where everyone passes by, either inns or merchant roads, saying the following:

Correction for better understanding about "Spread the rumor, heed the call":

It was at the edge of a cliff that Lady Selian said:


Something unnatural is behind the recent devastation of Port Hempstead.
The fitful should seek the T’oleflor, for guidance and help.
But only the brave and wise will be able to find the path to T’oleflor, through the bridges built in the Serpent Islands and ask those ancients for help.


If you judge yourself not to be strong enough you can always pass the
word along if you find it correct.

May our path be taken rightfully,
Morunas Khan Val, Legacy of D’Moon

After trying at best to mend the possible misunderstandings, Morunas left for somewhere in Mistone for reflection and mediation, not to be seen for five days.

//please if anyone wishes to advise me with any RP guidance/critics do say, I am very new here and any "it's that way instead" is welcome

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*Wren hearing that Lana is looking for some information seeks her out*

I have a few things to say on the subject

*he says when putting out word he is looking for her*

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*a drunken dwarf with an eyepatch rants by the docks*

Creatures of the deep, this what it be! Look to the stars fer clues, once the stars be right they awaken from their slumber beneath the deapths and rise to the surface to feast on the flesh of men. Dead gods they be, long sailed here from beyond the stars on ships o light... so the tales told. Drowned in the deep trenches far below the touch of the sun, twisted into demon dragon forms wicked and cruel with long grasping tentacles. And when they pull ye under, those that they dont eat they twist in their image! Beware the beasts of the sea, there are far more fearsome things than dragons in the down below.

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*Jebediah hurries a copy of a letter Morunas Khan Val gave him to Bydell Castle, for safekeeping and storage*

//If a GM wants to take a copy of the note from Jebediah, send me a PM and we'll set a time and I'll make a scroll copy of it for him/her to pick up.

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