Embracing the Hunt: The Journey of a Wemic

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Embracing the Hunt: The Journey of a Wemic

OOC: Hello, welcome to my Character Development Thread. I hope you enjoy reading how my player is progressing but please follow these simple rules :) thank you.


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*I shall add more if need be :) though I am sure you are all reasonable people ;) .


Background History:

Allignment: True Good
Race: Wemic
Religion: None (believes in the power of nature)
Age: 30
Class: Ranger

The sun shone brightly, refelcting of the crystal clear, shimmering waters. It poured golden tranquility through the trees in golden shafts and covered the lush green vegetation, lightly sprinkled with the fresh morning dew. Azekunda, an able and proud Wemic looked over Vepra's shores with a confident gaze. He stood upright with a noble stance as the white sails of the Human traders appeared on the horizon of the vast, blue ocean. He took a deep and heavy rumbling breath, watching calmly a few magnificent birds fly overhead with suprising grace; This was the last look he would have of his home in a long while. He diverted his gaze to his tatooed chest, the mark of Nature's blessing and of the hunt.

"This blessing shall protect you from the foreign dangers you may face and shall guide your bow, Azekunda. Make your people proud once more and return one day with the knowledge of the hunt that is of other lands. May the elements watch over you and the breeze guide your step".

These words the elder druid spoke; he shall never forget...

Azekunda is a very traditional Wemic. Proud and noble and with a great sense of pride for the hunt. Though a Wemic of strict moral views, he upholds the ability to understand the feelings of another. He has a blond, flowing mane. His hazel eyes enchant those, believing he delves deep into their souls with a simple look. He is of a well built and muscular figure and is of a general Wemic size. Azekunda started his life in the heart of the sea of grass. As a young child he used to watch the huntsman leave then return with great beasts and dazzling prizes that nature provided. His envy and facination drove him from then on and into his teens to train in the ways of the hunter. It was his upmost privilege to be to taken under the wing of Talek "Ragingclaw" an elder hunstman of his tribe and a master of the bow. Over the years of much hardship and training, Talek taught Azekunda everything he knew. Only three days after the trials of adulthood Talek's passing had come; he knighted Azekunda a huntsman and a noble pupil. Though saddened deeply he felt exalted with his new role that Talek, his master, had bestowed to him. A decade passed and he was slowly becoming one with nature, feeling its every movement and using its wisdom to gain a succesful hunt, he was slowly becoming a master hunstman of his tribe. It was a great shock for him when the elder druid summoned him for his task, one of great undertaking. He felt strangely afraid to leave the lands but felt that he must, in the name of his tribe he would search for new thrills of the hunt and frolic in unknown plains to discover more about the world for his people. He stood upright with a noble stance as the white sails of the Human traders appeared on the horizon of the vast, blue ocean...



Friendly Face:

- Ranerwin


Please enjoy! :)


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The Hunt Begins

- I have arrived to the lands I known little about. The, what they call "Town" I have arrived at is what is called "Hlint". This new scenery has intruiged me greatly. They pile masses of bricks, wood and other resources into big shapes and build their homes within them, truly facinating. Though I was distrutful at first of the contact I was recieving by a few of the beings about they seemed to be trustworthy and friendly. I belive they are teaching me their language, the language of "Corman". This shall help me greatly learning "Corman" as I shall be able to understand them and they will understand me; I have only met on being whom could speak the noble tounge. I am truly grateful to learn this from "Ranerwein" and this other being whom I can not pronounce. I hope to learn more from them many a moon and sunrise to come.

The words I have learnt are:

- "Horsey" which is "Corman" for Horse as they seem to point to a horse each time they say it.

- "Ranerwerin" which is the nice beings name.

- I belive they call themselves "Elf"... or was it "alf".

-"Sheluuu" which is, what I belive, is the name of her Horse or "Horsey" for "Corman"

- They kept on stating the word "Close" or "Clorse". I think it must mean something like I was getting closer to the right pronounciation of the word they were teaching me.

-They taught me to put many of their "Corman" words into a sentence such as "Pri-tee Alf Worman" . I belive it means a woman "Elf".

I am looking forward to my next lesson. So far, I have been unsuccesful at my Hunt. I tried to fight this very small four legged, black furred feline looking creature but it was very feisty. It crawled all over me, clawing and gnawing at me. they are very nimble and powerful creatures. I belive a being called it a "Cart". I shall contiue my Hunt elsewhere and learn the ways of life out in these lands in all due time.

EDIT: Has been proof read and amendents made :)

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Venturing Forward

- I have explored Hlint, finally. It is a reasonably sized "Town" from what I have heard. I still cannot get my head round why the Humanoids here build giant stone piles and built their homes withing them, covering the tops with long, flat trees. I met up with "Ranewin" again today, she taught me many new words such as "Swamp" and "Goodbye" but I am finding it easier to pick up on words myself now, listening to the conversation the "Humans", "Elfs" and other Humanoids are having, I have even set up a few sentences to explain to the Humanoids who I am. Ranewin and a Elf of the Ocean took me into the Swamp today. It is very different from swamps back home and is plauges with starnge, geen lizard - like creatures, I gained much experice from them using my bow, brushing up my technique considerablably. I recieved much shiny, round and disks from our journey which I can seem to trade to other Humanoids for better life tools, which is very convienient. I found put how to open a miniature "Gate" today, you have to use this strange device on it which you turn then push to open, facinating yet simple.

This land is so much different from my own. I am very distrustful of some of the Humanoids but many of them really are nice when you get to know them slightly better. Though best to remain cautious...

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