Troubles of a Deep Gnome

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Troubles of a Deep Gnome

On the first day of my Deep Gnome coming into Layonara i walked around town in very flashy follower of Beryl clothing (making eveything as colorful as possible). Upon meeting a dwarf he told me that it was not really safe to walk above ground as such. I know that if i am traveling (ie. Out side of town) i am to be go as unnoticed as I can, but what about in town? I am above ground this is true, but are towns considered a reletively safe place so that I can wear the colorful and bright clothing or would to be unsafe to all Svirfneblin above ground no matter where they are? Been walking around in my travel garb for the last few days.

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Wear what you like... You may be a bit more easily seen, in bright colours (not in game mechanics, but in RP), but unless you really just want to stay out of sight, don't bother. There are no ill-feelings towards the Deep Gnomes that I know of.

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Heh heh last time someone said something about Lokris' armor was...Hun, did you fall in a rainbow or what? :p

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It all depends on your character. Some deep gnomes are very distrustful and others are more open. You just need to know how your character feels and act accordingly.

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OR tell the dwarf that hes not colorful enough, and that he needs to add blue... so that people can see him more.

or some such thing.

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A proud Svirfneblin should strut about very this enhances the shiny gems and jewels that you would wear.

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