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Layonara Guide

[=courier new,courier,monospace] L  LL  LLL  LLL             LLL            A     YY  YY   OOO    NNN  NN       A       RRRRR        A  LLL           A A     Y  Y   O   O   NNNN NN      A A      RR   R      A A  LLL          A   A     YY    O   O   NN N NN     A   A     RRRRR      A   A  LLL         AAAAAAA    YY    O   O   NN  NNN    AAAAAAA    RR R      AAAAAAA  LLLLLLL     AA   AA    YY    O   O   NN  NNN    AA   AA    RR  R     AA   AA  LLLLLLLL   AAA   AAA   YY     OOO    NN   NN   AAA   AAA   RR   R   AAA   AAA[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace]*******************************************************************************[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Version 1.01[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] (These ASCII things are hard to make)[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Copyright 2005 Alberto Oliveira[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without my advance written permission. Use of this guide on any web site not indicated below or as a part of any other public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Website(s) authorized to display this guide:[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] - [/][=courier new,courier,monospace][/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Any trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace]*******************************************************************************                                   Introduction *******************************************************************************[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Layonara is a wonderful online persistent world for Neverwinter Nights, created by Leanthar and his team. It is described in th official website, and so I will refrain from copying. Go to [/][=courier new,courier,monospace][/][=courier new,courier,monospace].[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] In this guide I will provide some information for beggining Layonara players.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace]*******************************************************************************                                   Starting Out *******************************************************************************[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] First of all, you must download the custom content available on the website. I am not going to detail every step there is because it's not hard to guess, as it is neatly organized.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] After that, create a forum account and start to write things about your character. This has four parts: Physical, History, Personality, and Stats.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Physical - not very important, just make sure you write about any unusual             feature your character might have.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] History - Very important, but almost everything is acceptable unless it makes            your character significantly more power than the rest.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Personality - Very important. It's good to set your character's personality                before you play, as it makes RPing much easier.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Stats - Try to make an interesting character, but make sure that you don't          make it unplayable. If you are a pure caster then put the ability          score that controls your spellcasting at no lower than 15, so that you          can have your ninth-level spells on time. Also remember that a normal          human has 10 on all ability scores, keep that in mind. For example, a          character with 15 intelligence is a genius, you don't need to put int          at 18 to be a genius.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Once your character is approved, you can start playing right away.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Also, don't put your character's story in the Description box, only the physical appearance. People don't know other people's story by looking at them.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace]*******************************************************************************                                    In-Game *******************************************************************************[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Once you are done with your character, start a game, and talk with other players in Hlint. I advise against getting out of Hlint before being at least level 2, and when you do, be careful, as goblins are pretty hard at low levels.    Talk around, getting quests from people, and soon you will be level 2. If you see a large concentration of people, ask them where they are going and if you can join them. It is safe to go to high-level areas if you are a large group, and you will get xp and gold out of it, besides being able to roleplay. If you do this, however, use ranged weapons as the monsters are dangerous in melee. If you really have to melee, do it on the enemy casters, and only if they are alone.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace]*******************************************************************************                                   Conclusion *******************************************************************************[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace] Okay, I know it's not a lot of information, but I plan on updating it as soon as I have more time in my hands.[/]
[=courier new,courier,monospace]*bows*[/]

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Thanks for working on this Varnart.

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"authorization only to display it and alter it with my advance written permission and posterior approval."

lol! Does that mean you mooned them? Posterior approval heheheh

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