Inquiry regarding humanoid race in the Rolling Plains

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Inquiry regarding humanoid race in the Rolling Plains

*a note written in a very cramped style, with small letters, is tacked up on a wall in the Wild Surge Inn*

I'm seeking information regarding a little known race of roughly humanoid beings that reside Northeast of Hlint, South of Liken, in the area known as the Rolling Plains. The creatures are about the size of a halfling, standing about three feet in height. They dress in dark, drab clothing, and are always hooded. They appear to have strange beak-like appendages protruding from their faces. I have drawn a rough sketch of one such creature, after an encounter with it:

// //

They seem to be capable of rendering themselves out of sight, at least of the unaided eye. They also appear to live in relative harmony with the kobolds that call the area home, although that's only a speculation.

Any information in regards to these creatures, their habits, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Here's another sketch of one:

// //


Balit Glenhobber

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*Sin'Dolin the mage thinks for a second after Reading the question*

HMMm *Takes out quill and ink and begins to write and talk out loud* They are Called Kenku.

I have read that.Kenku are bipedal, humanoid birds that use their powers to annoy and inconvenience the human and demihuman races.

The typical kenku resembles a humanoid hawk wearing human clothing. Kenku have both arms and wings. The wings are usually folded across the back and may be mistaken at a distance for a large backpack. Height ranges from 5 to 7 feet. The feathers are predominantly brown with white underfeathers and face markings. The eyes are a brilliant yellow.

They are a very secretive race so not much was found about them.I Have search many libraries on the race when they first appeared.That is about the sum of what I found.

*takes a sip of his wine and then breaks out his mahogonay smoking pipe.*

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*scrawled below this is a scribled note, obviously done in a hurry*

Gunther see bird people in Rilara when he deliver package for Freya. Bird people not friendly to Gunther and chase him long way. Gunther try to explain what he doing there, but bird people not having any of it and get angry. Gunther thinks maybe they wanted his package. Ummm, well not Gunther's package as such, but the package Gunther was carrying. Gunther manage to outrun bird people and deliver package to person it belong to. World still not saved though. Maybe Gunther need to deliver another package.

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