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Race Mannix

Character Name: Race Mannix
Character Gender: Male
Character Race: Human
Character Class: Fighter
Character Age: 18
Character Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: None to start with (but am open to a future epiphany for the character)

Interview (with some fella who approves adventurers)

Do you have a family? Who are they?

Well, the other two people in this room are my ma and pa, if that's what yer gettin' after. But, I bet this is one of those pyscho-babble questions, huh? Okay, that's fine. I'll play along. My dad's name is Mason and my momma's is Rachel, but I call'em Ma and Pa. Pa says he and Ma used to be adventurers, but he won't talk about it and really hated the idea of me becomin' one. But, Ma told'em that I needed my chance in life, like they had theirs. To be fair, Ma never talked much about her adventuring days either, 'cept to say that's how she met Pa.

What do you look and dress like?

What? Are ya blind? Oh wait, I got it. More psycho-stuff. Okay. I got blonde hair like my Ma, 'cept for my white streak on the left side that Pa accidently gave me with an arrow when we were fightin' off a bunch of giant rats that were tryin' to get to the silo. That arrow shaved me clean right there (points to streak) and the hair ain't grown back anything but white. Pa said that was the last time he would buy any special arrows from any wizard.

Anyway, I'm 6ft. 4in., a little taller than my Pa with a good share of muscles from helpin' him work the farm all my life. Ma never stood for me wearin' anythin' other then clean clothes everyday. I don't have much, just leather pants and tunics for workin' the farm and one nice set for special occasions. I keep them and myself clean or Ma would tan my hide. Besides, I've found out that it's a lot easier to get girls to talk to ya if you don't smell like what you worked in all the time.

Do you have any physical quirks?

You mean besides the white streak in my hair? No.

Do you carry or will be carrying any objects of sentimental value?

Just a huntin' knife my Pa gave me when I turned 12. He says it's made out of mythril, but won't tell me how he got it. I keep that on my belt all the time. Never know when yer gonna need a good knife.

How did you learn your skills? What made you choose to become a fighter?

Well, I want to be a fighter mostly because I don't think I would like anything else. I mean, I've spent my life lookin' at the back end of horses and cows, so I don't want any parts of bein' a ranger or druid. Paladins are way too dandified. I don't know too much about religion, so being a cleric is out. And, wizards just flat out give me the willies. Now, I wouldn't mind pickin' a lock or two, but I want to carry a weapon that has some heft to it, if you know what I mean. I found one of those two-handed swords a couple years back and have been practicin with it since. It's nuthin' special, but it does keep a really sharp edge. My dad taught me how to use a bow and arrow and I've gotten a lot of practice with that when I've done the huntin'.

Where were you born? Where did you grow up and what do you do now?

Well, I was born and raised on this farm here. Never went anywhere 'cept with my pa to get farm supplies and such. I've just milked my last cow, plowed my last field, and fixed my last roof. I just want to get out there and see what I can see.

What do you know of magic and religion?

Enough to stay away from both as much as possible.

What are your likes and dislikes?

Well, the answer to both is girls.

What is your moral code?

My Ma taught me right, if that's what you mean. But, I don't trust goodie goodie snobs, either. I don't think there are any absolutes. Rules have their place and I respect them, but it is more important to be true to yourself. That's what I think, anyway. Oh, and never, ever lie. You can't keep a lie straight for very long anyways.

Do you have any interesting personality quirks?

What?! How would I know anyway?

Why do you want to adventure?

Like I said, I've had enough of farmin'. There has to be more out there. At least there has to be more girls.

Do you have any short term goals?

Yeah. I want to learn how to be a really good fighter. I want to see alot of places. Gettin' rich wouldn't be bad either.

When will you stop adventuring? What are your long term life goals? What do you envision doing when you become old?

Now we get to the really deep stuff, don't we? I guess I'll stop adventuring when I get too old. I know I want to make enough money to take care of Ma and Pa. Maybe I'll end up running my own inn someday. I definitely do not want to go back to farming. Beyond that, I really don't know.

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