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People are using characters to gather items for other characters that they control and it seems to have gotten out of control. Remember we should not be muling for other characters under the same players control. It is fine to RP a "sales person" or or whatever you may want to call it but from this point foward please do not let that "other person" be another character under your control.

Also, from this point foward: NO TWO CHARACTERS on the same account can belong to the same trading company or group (or whatever you want to call it). If you want to pay others to gather skins, fine. But it should be as a single character on a single NWN account, not two characters on the same account. You need to TOTALLY seperate your other characters from this business. That is not RP and it is pushing things too far. This is now considered muling on Layonara.

Also, do not trade raw CNR materials between other characters on the same account. Finished good and raw materials are very different and I do not want raw materials traded (in any way) between to characters on the same account. It is definetly not in the spirit of RP'ing (however efficient or okay to do you may think it is). Its just abusing the spirit of muling.

Start treating your characters like any other player character out there, that is RP'ing and not abusing the spirit of this rule.

It really is not RPing when the other character is a character that you control.

Please do not send me a PM about this ruling because you will get the same answer and I will just get upset and it would be a waste of both yours and my time..

From this point foward there must be at LEAST two RL players controling two different characters in a sale. No more pushing the boundries as we are going to be cracking down.

All previous trading company agreements that are on the same nwn player account are now null and void. Everybody must follow this rule.

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Bumping so it is not deleted.

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