Persistent Oxen and the Rule

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Persistent Oxen and the Rule

[TABLE=head;sort=1a,2,3]Persistent Oxen and the Rule|
Persistent Oxen are a wonderful thing, making mining trips and transportation much easier.[/b] However, many players are using them for persistent storage of valuable items, e.g. swords, rings, and armor. These items should be kept on your person; you can buy weight-reducing bags from the many skilled tailors in Mistone. Another option for persistent storage is the chest in the bank, which has a limited capacity but is secure. Houses are another viable option for storing your valuables, and more housing will be available soon. From this point forward, any item lost on an ox that is not a raw CNR item will need to be approved by Leanthar before being replaced. Do not expect this to be approved if you should decide to approach Leanthar to get items replaced from and Oxen death, most assuredly it will be a tough sell.|

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