Temporary Password until the 16th (17th for AEST area)

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Temporary Password until the 16th (17th for AEST area)

Hey all,

Hopefully you've read the NWPAD post(s) and you are aware of what's going on. If you haven't please see this post (or if you are new here, see this post).

We're posting the temp password so you don't have to scan all the way to the bottom. New players, it's really important that you don't just grab the password and jump in game, please, do go see the linked post!



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Just as confirmation, we've changed the password back to the usual one. For any of our existing players, the "usual" password is once again in effect. For any new players, please go through the Character Approval process to gain access to the password.

Though our direct participation in the NWPAD event is now concluded, our Anniversary Bonus Event will continue through this coming weekend.


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