NWPAD Details! (New Players Look Here!)

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NWPAD Details! (New Players Look Here!)

Hello to the World!

Welcome to Layonara’s Neverwinter Nights Player Appreciation Days (NWPAD) event! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to check us out!

Layonara has a long and rich history, as we have been up and going nearly since NWN went live! We are a quiet little community these days but we’re happy to have you here! If you are here to collect the token, you’ll find it not far from the spawn point for new characters. We do hope you’ll stay and check us out!

Some important details if you hang out with us:

First, we have our own set of custom HAKs. These can be downloaded here: (http://layonara.com/nwn/nwn-downloads). There is also a custom TLK file available from the same page. This needs to be placed in the “tlk” folder within your NWN installation. Instructions on where to place these files are located on the same page.

Second, we will only be running our events until the 16th of July, at 7am Pacific/9am Central/10am Eastern/3pm BST/10pm China Standard Time/(July 17th)12amAEST.

Also, we are normally password-guarded to help keep our immersion intact, as we are a Roleplay server. We’ve suspended our usual level of immersion for the event, because there is A LOT of lore to read over and we’d rather you just jump in and hang out with us, to be completely honest! If you like us, do feel free to read up and stick around! What does our suspension mean? Here’s the breakdown:


  1. We usually require character applications before you can play. However…

    1. You don’t have to apply during the NWPAD period.

    2. If you want to stay, we will ask that you create a forum account and notify us (or apply) within 30 days of the event’s closure that you intend to do so. Otherwise your character will be purged to help keep our data managed.

    3. If you need any help our really awesome community is happy to help. Please just get in touch in one of the various ways to ask:

      1. Post on the forums (you’ll have to register to do that, sorry!)

      2. Pop in to our IRC server. You can jump in here, no registration needed, just a web browser. It may look empty but don’t worry! We have a bot that feeds your text into our Discord server.

      3. You can get to us via Discord by request! Register with us on the forums and let us know your interest and we’ll drop you an invite!

  2. Our usual RP standards are put on pause for this event. We still request that you have a character personality in mind (even if it’s just a mirror of your own!) and engage with everyone in character (IC). Some of you, we’re sure, are pros at this. Just in case of new folks or people unfamiliar with Roleplay, we’re ready to help out. Our forums have a wealth of information on RP but our players are happy to help as well. Just mark your messages in game with a // to let us know your messages are out of character (OOC). Regulars here might send you tells with helpful information on where to find stuff on our website as it’s pretty big. We’re just really excited for you to be here and would love for you to stick around and learn more.

  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Even though our RP and Character Applications are suspended for the duration of the event, we ask that you follow the other rules of our server. You can find them here. We have young children that play here from time to time and your language should reflect that at all times! No cussing and no adult content. We don’t want to be killjoys but we support our minors and their guardians who hang out here. (You might say we’re a little bit protective of them, as a lot of us here are parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.)

    1. If YOU have any problems, please contact our GM staff ASAP. We are trying to guard against any troubles with our temporary password but we’ve had some crazy stuff sneak in before even with password protect.

    2. If you need to contact us, you can ask for help by posting on the forums, via IRC, or certainly also our Discord Server. Additionally you can send Dorganath, myself(Rowana) or Acacea via private message (PM) if you need to reach someone privately for some reason. The three of us usually get a notification when we get a PM. If the issue is urgent, a PM including the three of us is best to make sure one of us can get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading all of this! Our temporary password for play is: nwpad

Looking forward to seeing you on the server!!

~The Team at Layonara


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