New Character Backup System

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New Character Backup System

Hello again good friends,

It's been a while again, I hope you are all well. I don't know how to apologize for the character corruption issues we've had over the past while and my poor attempts at correcting it but I've now spent 2 days on a better system and I hope it gives you the confidence to play and not be worried now. I'm truly sorry to each and every one of you for the headaches that were caused, you should have the confidence that things like this won't happen. I also want to thank Dorg from the bottom of my heart for dealing with these issues while I was in another mode.

So as I mentioned above, I'm also here to let everyone know a new version control backup system has been configured. All characters are backed up hourly and controlled with version control. This means we can go back hour by hour to see where a character file may have been corrupted and find the last good .bic file.

There should no longer be any more incidents of character files getting corrupted and the last known backups being way too old.

The original issue of the server filling up and running out of drive space which caused these 0 byte files SHOULD be fixed but I'm not entirely sure, it's hard to test. Either way, the new backup system will keep things much safer.

Always lurking,