Rare Auction

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Rare Auction

News arrives to Leringard of the auction of rare items from the family estate of Port Hempstead's Duke. A notice reaches the bard college and the Arms, elegantly penned on silk and reading:

Leringard collectors, scholars, intellectuals, and curious; rare items from the enduring line of the Duke have been made available for viewing and auction. Many have attempted gain access to this collection and failed -- until now.

You will not want to let slip this opportunity to see the true mark of Karrak, won by a champion of the blood when Belinara was known only as the Roughlands, before the demon Xandrial had ever set foot upon it.

Bronze statuary will be available, as well as the sigil of the first Crimson Eagle, and scaled armor wrought from the very hide of those dread beasts commanded by the dark elves in the sacking of Port Hempstead.

And lest we neglect our prayers, jade ornaments made to please the gods in the heavens.

Now is the time to plan your journey, as all would-be buyers or inspectors will be expected at the auction. The City of Gold awaits!

*a time and day far enough in the future to allow the considerable amount of travel time is here*