Thaimor Liadon


Personality: Thaimor is very quiet, his eyes dart around as if nervous or paranoid of his surroundings. Though, when he talks, he talks with dignity, grace, and respect . Thaimor usually keeps himself within the forest, as if it is his only home. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Physical Descriptions: Thaimor stands at about 5'10" and weighs around 170 lbs. His eyes glow with a deep blue, with hints of green through out the dark swirls. His dark brown hair flows with glimmers of gold that shine into the sun. Thaimor seems graceful yet even frail, his skin tan, usually covered with just mere clothing or leather armor . As you look closer you see that around his neck is an amulet that has a vibrant green and blue glow upon it. It's deep color almost hypnotizing as it gazes into your eyes. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Relations: Thaimor is somewhat wary of halflings, for their reputation of thievery. Gnomes boggle his mind with the wonderful yet sometimes weird inventions. Fellow human's are not his highest trust, even though he is one in blood. He pities Half-Elves for he feels the half blood is a curse upon them. Dwarves he neither likes nor dislikes, to him they are just comedians with a bathing problem. But through all of that he trusts, his trust for sorcerers will never be the same. For the deception of one, that has ruined all he once knew, will never be forgotten. But beside all the prejudice Thaimor is generally pleasant and gracious even to those who fall short of elven standards (just about everyone that is not an elf). ---------------------------------------------------------------- Background: The story begins in a far off land called Wintertell, in the town of Uphratese. Uphratese was a rich town of trade and peace, rarely being threatened by hostile groups except for the local goblins which never came to be a problem. Uphratese was rule by King Orphious and Queen Vadania. King Orphious was an extremely kind man. His citizens always had food and coin, never was one starving or homeless. Queen Vadania was just as kind and loving, she brought the peasants blankets and clothes to keep them warm during the winter nights. The kingdom was wonderful, rich with gold and happiness. The citizens would have parades to celebrate such a wonderful King and Queen upon Uphratese. But soon this joy will cause jealousy and deception unlike anything that has ever bestowed the kingdom of Uphratese. Feris, a quiet man, was the King's sorcerer. He was rumored to be of dragon blood, but this did not bother King Orphious for his trust upon Feris was great. Feris has always been the King's right hand man, since they were young adventurers. But this "trust" meant nothing to Feris. As years went by and all the citizens praised the King and Queen, they were gods to their people. Then one year the King and Queen had a child, it was a boy and they named him Thaimor. The citizens were joyous of such news, knowing that the kingdom will have a Prince to be past down to. This filled Feris with anger and hate for Thaimor. For Feris was promised to become king if by the time Orphious died he had no son. Feris then began to plan for something that will change the town of Uphratese and the world of Wintertell forever. Year 1364, the day of Thaimor's eighth birthday. Parades flooded the streets of Uphratese as they did every day each year. But this year would be different, it would be a birthday that Thaimor would never forget… About midday as the parades began to get at their peek, Feris was within his tower. His words echoing as the skies turned to black, and the tower rose above the kingdom. Rain of fire and acid began to pour upon the parades. The king was furious and commanded all of the soldiers to attack, but before they even reached the tower portals began to open and dragons began to circle in the sky. Fiends and demons began to walk out of the portals, overwhelming all of the kingdom's forces. King Orphious ran to his son, Thaimor, and said his last goodbyes. He told him that he must go with Veldor, an elven ranger that Orphious knew since his childhood. Veldor took Thaimor deep into the forests where they hid within the nearby elven town. But back at Uphratese the dragons swarmed above the sky, swooping down catching fire upon all in it's path. Feris, upon a Black dragon, flew into the castle. He searched everywhere for Thaimor, but to his surprise he was gone. The king stood at his thrown waiting for Feris' arrival. Feris demanded to know where the prince was, the king furious with such deception upon his kingdom and charged at Feris. Though just as quick as he charged he fell, for Feris had reached enormous magic powers… Feris spent years, destroying all in his path upon Wintertell while looking for Thaimor. But Thaimor was protected within Elven midst. Enchantments hiding him from Feris, and protecting him from his evil. Thaimor began a new life, all he once knew was gone. Being among elves, he was taught by Veldor how to survive within the forests. He was taught bowery and how to wield swords. As the years went by Veldor knew that Thaimor would need to leave the world of Wintertell, for the elven enchantments were soon to wear away. Year 1374, the day of Thaimor's eighteenth birthday. The elven wizards began to open a portal, one that would lead to a world of rich's and wonder. A world that hopefully Feris would never get to. Thaimor said his farewells and leaped through the portal cautiously. What this new world holds for him is yet to be seen, though for Feris it is hopefully never to be seen. For what the future brings is still unseen...

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Saturday, October 1, 2005 - 7:45pm
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