Agent of the Realm

Agents of the Realm are specially trained by their kingdoms to perform specific tasks in addition to the diplomacy they pursue. Often times these people are sent into hostile situations because they are best prepared to know when to leave. As well, their unique skill sets allow them to 'obtain' information to which regular diplomats don't have access. This may range from careful skulking around inside the castles and manors of foreign dignitaries, or simply listening to the things that are unsaid as much as thing that are spoken in diplomatic meetings. They are sometimes employed at home as well, in order to defend their home areas against others with the same training. The hierarchy and training methods vary by kingdom, as does the methods of employment. The various kingdoms also have a variety of philosophies they employ when using these devout agents for their own needs.

An agent who has been discovered by other kingdoms or breaks their own code is often put to death or imprisoned for the remainder of their days.


  • Alignment: Any non-lawful
  • Attributes:
  • Skills:
    • Listen 8 ranks
    • Lore 6 ranks
    • Persuade 4 ranks
    • Search 4 ranks
  • Feats: