What is the difference between Layonara and other DnD based realms such as Forgotten Realms?

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Layonara is based on a campaign run by the World Creator, Leanthar, decades ago. As his world grew he separated it more and more from DnD. At present we use NWN to run our persistent world but our content is highly customized and continuously developed to fit our world lore. NWN was the best platform to bring the world to the online community at the time. We are in development for an MMO created purely to bring our world lore to life as we envision it.

As this site illustrates, Layonara has become it's own world with everything entirely separated from any DnD world setting. We allow players a hand in the development of the world's directions and lore through development of their character in play. GMs create history, present and future based on the interest of their players, on the history of the campaign world and on the world creator's content.

We are excited for you to come and explore with us as we create and grow an ever more layered and interesting world.