Zuan Kingdom

If people with no prior knowledge of the island or its inhabitants were to land on the coastline of Alibor, the edges of the Zuan Kingdom, they would not have any immediate anxiety about the island. Lakes dot the edges of the Zuan Kingdom, all of them next to the Crying Forest, a forest that while not very deep is quite long, looping around the edges of the island and following the coastline. The outer fringes of the Crying Forest look relatively safe, and, barring a marshy-looking area on the northwestern coast, the majority of the coastline also looks to be quite safe. However, anyone who has been to the island knows that it is anything but safe.

The farther inland one travels, the more the condition of the environment deteriorates into decay. The reason for all this being the River of Death, which runs through the middle of the island and is bordered by the Jungle of Alibor on both banks.

The Jungle of Alibor is what one would expect of tropical jungles: damp, moist, and humid.The canopy is high above the ground, and many Alibor Vines grow down from the trees. Some scholars say the Alibor Vine is somewhat sentient, attacking and strangling the unwary.

Many rare and colorful flowers can be found near small patches of water, and some say that if one is in search of the famous Lifegiver Leaf, searching the Jungle of Alibor would be one's best bet.