Wood Elf

Wood Elves tend to be a bit shorter and stockier than the other elven races, but they are no less graceful. They make their home in the forests of Layonara, and, contrary to their wild cousins, they're not nomadic. Instead, wood elves build villages in the treetops. Before the race wars, wood elves could be found throughout Layonara, but nowadays most have retreated to Voltrex and have settled in the Ulam Forest.

Great hunters and woodsmen, there is nothing that they do not know about the forests they inhabit.

Proud like most elven races, the wood elves will go out of their way to protect and defend their forests and the creatures that inhabit them. Those who seek to harm the forest would do best to stay clear of the wood elves, as they will show no mercy to those who bear forests ill will.

Physical Description:
Like their cousins, the wild elves, the wood elves have dark hair and prefer to decorate themselves with tattoos. Their clothing is often made from leathers and leaves dyed in colors that make them blend into the forests. Having spent their entire lives in the forests, wood elves are often stronger and more agile than the other elven races. Wood elves get their first bow at a young age, and are rarely seen without one. They're considered the best marksmen on Layonara, but are also fierce in close combat. For this they prefer short swords, as larger weapons are not practical in forests.

Relations with other races:
Wood elves rarely have contact with other races, as they prefer not to leave their forests. They get along well with most other elven races, except for the dark elves.

Relations with most other races are either neutral or strained at best, especially with races that do not respect the woods and cut down trees, like humans. They also hate orcs, who they're likely to shoot on sight. As long as others stay out of their forests, the Wood Elves could care less about them.

Alignment: The majority of wood elves are neutral.

Wood elves follow Folian S'pae, their patron god.

All the wood elves know common, Sylvan and elven. They see little reason to learn other languages as they do not actively seek contact with other races. Please note there is not an in game Sylvan language at this time. Player characters must have a minimum intelligence of 12 to be fluent in another language.

As with most elves, wood elf names tend to have symbolic meanings. They usually refer to plants, trees or creatures.

Wood elves are not very likely to leave their forests in search of adventure, unless there is something involved that threatens the forests or their tribe.


  • Wood elf is a subrace, please see the subrace system page for more information.
  • Use the Elf NWN standard race for character creation.
  • NWN syntax entered into Subrace Field:
    • woodelf
    • Woodelf
    • WoodElf
  • Racial Qualities:
    • +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma (ESA +2 STR, -2 INT, -2 CHA)