T'oleflor: Warfare

T'oleflor are not fond of violence and will go out of their way to avoid conflict. Yet even they know that sometimes conflict is unavoidable and thus they have developed a complex art of combat known as the T'oleflor Nature Dance. It is also used as a method of defense by avoidance. It can dizzy their opponents by using complicated patterns.

This dance doubles as a thing of art or beauty and a way to deal with the foes of nature.
In this Dance, they weave patterns of grace around their enemies and strike vital parts with small pinprick motions of both magic and physical touch. This leaves their opposition stunned or disabled after just a few moments of conflict. This way of fighting has only added to their legendary status.

When confronted with creatures without organs, such as unliving or constructs, t'oleflor rely on their magic or call summons to aid in their offensive. Even then, they prefer to simply purify or dismantle such beings, and never use destructive forces against them.

While not particularly good at offensive battle, t'oleflor excel at devising methods to protect their lands and the people they care for. Their nature magic is so advanced and powerful that many understand that a battle against a t'oleflor will always be two-fold, first defeating all the wards and protections they may have, and then actually fighting the t'oleflor themselves.

To strike a blow at a t'oleflor often is a feat of its own, and a t'oleflor that was prepared prior to combat usually uses their magic along with their art in dance to make a fight against them an impossible act.