T'oleflor: Relations, Environment, Society, Religion

T'olefor have a difficult time getting along with others. They don't particularly see other races as evil but rather as misguided. They believe almost everyone has drifted away from their original and natural designs; that with all the "advancements" they have made, they're hurting the world more and more. Consequently, t'olefor get along with elves and friendly forest dwellers, which they extend a friendly hand only when presented with a valid reason.

The environments they live in are clearly defined by their nature. T'olefor always seek the woods as home and are loath to leave them. They prefer milder weather but are not particularly picky as to what sort of forest they dwell in; so long as it has an aspect of nature, they will be prosperous and make the place an example of what a forest should look like.

They have a very rigid social structure. Each of their forest realms has a reigning monarch, normally a reigning king and queen who do not actually have to be a married couple (though often they are). Directly below them is a council of seven nobles who advise the king and queen and take care of matters of lesser importance. The nobles are responsible for a particular aspect of t'oleflor society, such as training, magic, plants, survival, and so on.

T'olefor are very devout but do not follow any deity in particular. Instead, they are followers of nature and all the natural processes in the world. Some believe they are worshipers of Katia, yet this misconception is one they frequently go to great lengths to clear up. To them, nature was there before the goddess. While they respect her for what she embodies, they do not believe that nature will perish without her, since after all, to the t'oleflor, even the gods are part of the natural cycles in the world.