T'oleflor: Racial Deformation

T'olefor never seem to age; probably because of their long lifespan. They observe the passing of most other races. By the time they begin to show even a hint of aging, many other races are long dead. T'olefor use their attunement with the natural processes of life to control their metabolism to remain healthy. The passage of time merely shows in aesthetics in coloration, never in the weakening of skin or body. If anything, t'olefor become even more graceful and beautiful as they age; their skin turns smoother, and their hairs grow longer and more elaborate.

They reproduce only once in their lifetime and choose their partner after a few hundred years of sharing a special bond. This often occurs after their 7th or 8th century, but it can take place in any period in their lives after they're reached adulthood.

T'olefor detest violence, even when it comes from the natural order of predators and prey; they barely accept such things as necessary. They prefer to be left alone and for people to let nature run its course. They will not confront anyone that operates within the natural order.

They have settled the thick canopies with their homes and prefer not to alter the order established by nature. This belief is then carried through in every aspect of their lives'preferring to protect someone rather than attack and offering advice on how to live in harmony instead of taking and destroying.

T'olefor are very sedentary. They leave their homes only under rare circumstances. When they do so, it is with a purpose. Their homes are rather comfortable, so it becomes even harder for them to even consider abandoning it.

Creatures of nature, everything they do is surrounded by the idea of being in harmony with nature. Their lives are given in full devotion to the ideal of preserving it. Any advancement made by artificial means is condemned by these creatures.