T'oleflor: Diplomacy

An alliance with t'olefor is not something to be taken lightly. Once such a thing is established, it is known to last for very long periods of time (a matter of perspective of course), and they rarely pull back once they compromise. For these same reasons, a t'oleflor alliance is not something that is easily forged and normally several generations of the race that seeks the alliance pass by before it actually commences.

T'olefor ally themselves mostly with elves and other forest-type creatures or with those wise enough to have adapted to the ways of the forest.

Those that don't actively take a hand against nature but are not part of the woodlands are treated as neutral. They often do not understand why others would not want to be a part of the beauty of the forests, but they respect their choices in such matters.

T'olefor hold little love for those who actively seek out the destruction of the forests, those who wish to modify the natural cycles of life, or those who create artificial devices from processed materials. This means they are in constant struggle against gnomes and dwarves and detest what these crafting races do to their environments. Many conflicts have arisen between t'olefor and dwarves through the ages.