T'oleflor: Composition

T'oleflor are very introspective individuals - often meditating upon a course of action for days on end before any step toward a goal is taken. However, once decided, they do so with indomitable dedication; their predominant characteristic is faith. This faith is not particularly oriented toward a particular god, rather instead it is a belief that nature will always find a way to balance itself, and more often than not, that they are the means to this balance.

However biased they may seem at times, t'oleflor are a keenly insightful race, and tend to understand things ages before they actually unfold.

This strong perception and insight directly influences their own self-awareness and belief; the only way of living properly is their way. T'oleflor will therefore sway very little towards opposite opinions. Furthermore, they will carry a task till it's complete, no matter what it takes, as long as it is within the constraints of their beliefs; a t'oleflor never gives up. They are perfectionists and they show it in every step of their long lives.

With their small and lithe figure, t'oleflor are creatures of pure grace. Their bodies are beautiful in every aspect, calm when meditating, or lightning quick when in action. These creatures of the forest learn to be graceful from the day they take their first step, and until the day they pass, they remain agile as the wind.

Of course, such a small body has its limitations. Not having, or caring for, sheer brutal force, their small muscles are not made to carry much or to pound sense into someone. They regard this sort of brutish physical violence a tasteless thing and make no effort in encouraging acts that require only simple force.

This also means that their bodies are rather delicate. A well-placed blow to a t'oleflor can prove fatal; they know this of course and make an effort to train their senses and their reflexes to avoid such things. Despite their strong minds and quick bodies, they rarely survive when captured and tortured.

Finally, because they are very patient and contemplative in all they do, they often take slow paces when involved in long term activities. Their bodies are not built to endure strenuous jobs for long periods of time without any rest, thus they do everything one step at a time, and small steps at that. This lack of endurance is not a flaw to them, but their most precious quality; a quiet determination that lasts through the ages.