T'oleflor: Common Attire

T'oleflor: Common Attire

T'olefor garb themselves in natural themes. With their slight and small bodies, they really have little need to wear the complicated clothing other races wear. Instead, they opt for leaves and strong fibers made from silks and cottons.

As they always want to be in harmony with their environment, they change their clothing depending on season and location. Those that live in temperate green forests often garb themselves in similar tones and vines that are lush and durable. Those living in thicker jungles tend to wear small thorns of wild flowers that camouflage them easily. The few that live in snowy forests use many thick cottons in light colors to cover their delicate figures.

For special occasions, such as performing particular nature-oriented ceremonies, they garb themselves with long flowing robes that are made from the finest of Layonara silks. These gowns are often a few of their body lengths long and have many decorations of forest themes with colors ranging from light tans to gentle greens and supple whites.

Combat armor is almost nonexistent in their society. Wearing leather is considered a barbaric act and metals are even worse, because they involve manufacturing and a breaking of the natural ways which should never be allowed. One should not need clothing that cannot be made with simple tools or magic. As such, their armor categories are different (but provide the same benefits) of other creature armor types. The most rare and sought after armor that t'oleflor warriors will ever gain is brilliant crystal plate armor. Nothing is quite as intimidating, brilliant, and blinding than an army of t'oleflor warriors garbed in crystal plate armor.