The Crimson Shield

The original group that eventually founded the Crimson Shield were a rag tag group of diverse talents. Their unifying principal was that through diversity there was strength. As they adventured together they soon learned that they would need to support each other of they were going to be able to equip themselves for the adventures ahead of them. They began working on various crafts and today the guild boast some of the greatest craftsmen in the land in nearly every field. As their skills improved they conceived of the idea of using their talents to help equip and train others for the fight against Blood. This led them to purchase a house in Fort Wayfare and open the Fort Wayfare Adventurer's Supply.

The proceeds from their trade eventually enabled them to form officially as a guild and begin excavation of the guild house which is now a permanent fixture in the Fort Wayfare landscape.

Since then the guild membership has grown and the guild influence has spread beyond Mistone to all of Layonara. The guild has contributed nearly unmatched funds to every major fund raiser including the support for Emergency Resolution #34 to support the people of Mistone and the relief effort in support of the Rohden Alliance. This demonstrates the tremendous generosity of the guild's membership. Its members have also been involved in many of the efforts to defeat Blood's generals as well as innumerable adventure's throughout the lands. Current guild priorities include the restoration of Alindor following the deposition of Milara, relief for the people of Rohden, and the restoration and purification of the Forest of Moans near their beloved Fort Wayfare.

The guild's membership has included Yar D' Ydnar who fell and is now remembered in the Hall of Heroes.

The Crimson Shield Charter

We, the undersigned, do declare and establish the Crimson Shield Guild, whose purpose is:

  • To protect and defend the people and lands of Layonara.
  • To support the leaders of the lands in the pursuit of the greater good.
  • To provide training and equipment to all people who wish to defend people and lands of Layonara.

Eligibility: Any able bodied person who shares the above stated goals and who is of proven courage and skill.

Level 9 minimum required. Minimum of 2 RL months interaction and RP with existing guild members.

To Join: Accomplish such tests and trials as put forth by the founding council, and be approved by a vote of the guild members. New members must receive a majority vote of guild members present at the election meeting and must receive no negative votes by any founding members.

The Founding Council of the Crimson Shield

Rawkwin Valerius
Kavil Yodin
Annun Firith
Emerald Valerius
Dorax Windsmith
Rodlin Serim
Esimon Clearpeak

  • 1382 Jular 18 - Original Group formed
  • 1386 Apreal 3 - Fort Wayfare Adventurer's Supply open for business
  • 1386 Decilar 4 - Guild formed
  • 1389 Seplar 10 - Guild Hall completed