Taur'en Kingdom

Taur'en Kingdom
  • Location: Southwestern quadrant of Alindor
  • Size: Approximately 2,500,000 square miles
  • Capital City: White Mouth Harbor. The crown resides in Bydell Castle.
  • Population: 195,000 -50% human, 27% dwarf, 11% halfling, 5% elf, 3% orc, 3% giant, 2% brokanian
  • Founder: Kraklin Stonefist
  • Current Ruler: Thomas Bydell
  • Date of founding: 1089
  • Notable towns and cities: Bydell Castle, Crimson, Fort Angle, Fort Edge, Hazen, Torlen, Warbler's Falls, White Mouth Harbor
  • Other notable locations: Bracken Water Bogs, Fleece Lake, River of the Lamb, Taur'en Hills, Winding River, Wolfswood Forest
Taur'en Kingdom occupies the southwest quadrant of the continent of Alindor. Much of the center of the realm is composed of rocky crag like hills that are covered in rough lichen and close growing dysrea grasses. The land around the coasts is marked with steep and windy sea cliffs that flank narrow, but deep inlet harbors. The land around the coast is relatively poor for agriculture. On the far western tip of the kingdom is a large sunken flat land that is mostly submerged in a mixture of tidal salt water and fresh water springs. The interior of this bog is riddled with sink holes and caverns making the area poorly mapped.