What the Driran Kingdom's small navy may lack in numbers is made up for by the superiority of their Starphire vessels. These ships are named in honor of the current ruler of Driran Kingdom, Regina Elena Starphire, and are notable for their massive size; a Starphire can support up to one hundred firing platforms for ranged weapons of all sorts, and needs about eight hundred crew to work the weapons and man the ship itself. Occasionally, the ranged weapons are backed up with magical support from Spellweavers that serve aboard these enormous warships. While the size of the Starphires is impressive, the ships have to be in good order to accommodate their extensive firepower and crew.

The Starphire ships are without a doubt the largest warships ever built. They are capable of carrying huge amounts of ammunition, provisions and crew. The biggest challenge in using these incredibly powerful ships is ensuring there are sufficient quantities of munitions, food and water for the weapons and the crew. It is unsurprising that the Driran navy boasts only a small number of the massive warships, using them to complement the Notes of Driran vessels that make up the bulk of their fleet. Luckily, these ships last a very long time and can take quite a bit of punishment. Most opponents are already sinking or fleeing by the time these ships start to take any serious damage.

The Starphire ships have gained themselves a reputation over the years. A common story repeated in bars and taverns across Corsain tells of an infamous pirate who rounded a cape north of the Driran capital, only to see one of these ships bearing down on him. Tacking into the wind, the pirate desperately tried to turn his ship and escape. The Driran warship simply ran over the pirate ship without pause, sustaining no damage at all. It then plucked those left alive out of the water, including the pirate captain, and promptly hung them from the yard arm before continuing on their way.

Another tale tells of a battle during the war with Blood during which one of this class of warships fought and defeated no less than four Almoran class vessels before succumbing to the enemy and the sea. Blood's ships were literally blown away by the incredible firepower these ships can bring to bear on their opponents.