Sisters of Rebirth

Monks from this Order follow Aeridin. The majority of monks are Elves, but members of other races are not uncommon. This Sisterhood was founded in ancient times and devotes itself to the preservation and nurturing of life. They follow Aeridin's dogma to the core; everything has its place in the great cycle that is the universe: from the Sun and the Moons in the sky to the tiniest insect in the ground, all are important.
They accept that death is part of life, but firmly believe that since Aeridin is everywhere, everything will always be reborn. Since Aeridin is everywhere, they do not see the need to pray, as Aeridin is also present in them. Instead of prayer, they meditate, train, and live in the forest to draw Aeridin's strength from within their own beings.

Most Sisters are elves from Voltrex, but the Sisterhood is represented on all continents. They will never turn down requests for aid and will always come to life's defense wielding their wooden staves.