Sedera Kingdom: Politics

Sedera is a kingdom built on trade. Given this, it has been in their best interests to stay out of the political affairs of others, and only recently have they been forced to engage in warfare. Aside from family clashes and occasional border skirmishes, they have a remarkably conflict-free history. The one glaring exception is the first attempted invasion by Bloodstone, which destroyed part of Audira and shook the desert so much that Long Storm came up from the depths to take vengeance. Fortunately, with the help of adventurers, the attempt was routed and Audira rebuilt.

Sederans are naturally clannish. When political winds outside Sedera bring sounds of war or strife, the Abt comes together, stocks up, and heads for the deep desert until things settle out. Internal politics are another matter entirely. Everything from negotiation, treaty, and contract, to bribery and slander are employed to shift one family over another. Membership in the Sand Sea Synod is coveted by many and with the requirement of at least 500 verifiable members minimum per family, both male and female children are married off to larger families on a regular basis.

However, most of the inner workings of Sederan politics will never be known to outsiders and is pure conjecture. What is known is that they have a reputation of staying out of other's conflicts, trading fairly, and keeping it in the family.

Sedera has maintained a solid trade agreement and an extended family relationship with the Kingdom of Boyer since the beginning of the kingdom. They are now at war with the newly formed Kingdom of Liwich and have broken off border trade with Rael until the Deep Lord's intentions are clearer, although Sederan ships still pull into Lor. Other than ship trade, relations with Succession are purely neutral as the Backbone Mountains provide a rather formidable barrier.