Sedera Kingdom: Military

There is no standing military for the kingdom. Each family has its own mounted guards, and the jnaar has a 100-fighter contingent of scimtari-wielding zreass riders. In addition, there is a town guard in Audira, Sandstone, and Sloren, and a volunteer guard in Megath. If a ground-based military action is called for, the jnaar has the right to bring all of the family guards and a portion of each city guard into play. In that one case, assuming the threat to Sedera was sufficient, the Synod would not need to be consulted. Only after such a command would the veracity of the claim for action be determined. The jnaar acts as the commander and appoints those he sees fit to lead in his name.

New to the desert kingdom is a navy. Sederan ships are long, low affairs, skimming the water and are some of the fastest ships on Layonara when traveling in a straight line. Trying to turn the long vessels, however, has proven to be trickier, and nimble is not a description that leaps to mind. Standard armament is currently a volley of archers and a set of ballistae on each side. They count on the incredible speed of the sails and rowers combined to get them away from a battle going badly. Jnamsi Nomti Lopatin was appointed by the jnaar to put together and lead an armada, for the purposes of providing protection to Sederan trading vessels and to end the war with Liwich as soon as possible.