Saproprias was a young elf that grew up in the Grand Elven Halls of the White Horn Forest. He grew up during the violent Human-Elf Wars. Breed with a deep hatred of Humans for their ignorance and arrogance, Saproprias volunteered at the young age of 70 to fight against the human onslaught. For nearly 70 years Saproprias fought against generations of humans becoming a great military leader for the elves and one of the youngest elven generals of record.

Early in the year 334 the elves had been pushed back with their last foothold being the once great Halls of the White Horn Forest. No longer did the elves have strength or even dominance in the continent of Mistone. Rumor had it that the humans had found a great ally. Elven scouts had returned to the Halls with reports of a young Blue Dragon siding with the humans no doubt the humans had payed a large price to get such a mercenary. Saproprias feared greatly that if the humans were to push forward with their new dragon ally it would be the end to the elven foothold on Mistone. Filled with passion and hatred, Saproprias sought out the help of an evil dark elven wizard of great power named Arit'zar. His hatred of the humans had grown beyond his hatred of the dark elven race. Arit'zar demanded a high price to aid Saproprias. He requested a young elven woman as his slave. Saproprias reluctantly abducted her using his high profile and notoriety to lure her to Arit'zar's home. Saproprias recieved his reward a mated pair of Mud Wyrms bound to Saproprias to be used in the battle against the Humans and their Blue Dragon Mercenary.

Early in the summer of the year 334 humans began their assault on the Halls of the White Horn Forest. With the help of their winged artillery (the blue dragon) the humans quickly pushed the elves back to the outside walls of the elven fortress. Saproprias fearing they could not hold off the incoming armies called in his new companions the mud wyrms. Humans began falling from the aura of death the wyrms gave off and the battle began looking favorable to the elves, but no sooner then the wyrms appeared they were attacked by the blue dragon. Over the city and buildings of the Halls of the White Horn Forest they battled. Destroying homes and crashing through walls in battle. Foundations fell and battlements toppled while bellow the humans invaded the city and its inner most walls. The elves had lost their final foothold on the continent. Saproprias and his mud wyrm companions retreated to the deepest parts of the Halls while the rest of the elves retreated to the coast and in the coming months mostly left the continent of Mistone.
The halls broken and battered were filled with the corpses of humans and elves. In frustration Saproprias sent his loyal lieutenants to bring Arit'zar to the halls. When Arit'zar arrived Saproprias murdered him stabbing him with a elven ceremonial dagger and with his dieing breath Arit'zar cursed Saproprias turning him into a vampire and binding him to the halls trapped forever. At first Saproprias did not see the curse as detrimental. With his new found power he raised an army of undead from the corpses of battle to defend his stronghold. At last he had the ability to defend his home and hold the humans at bay. In retaliation he sent evil out of the halls to fill the surrounding areas with abominations.

A boat arrives from Voltrex in Leringard and an old elven man steps off. He is welcomed by a group of adventurers whom he requested be there to help him with a problem. The elf's name is Sorathen, he holds a book in his hands and has long white hair. He introduces himself and asks if their is a place that they might talk. He refuses to go into a human bar or temple and would rather visit some place traditionally elven. He also treats any humans in the party with disdain and reserved "hatred" he directly addresses any elves and usually ignores humans questions or comments

When they find a suitable place to talk Sorathen explains that he is the great nephew of Saproprias and explains and/or answers questions about the Halls of the White Horn Forest. He then explains that Saproprias has shamed his family and their name and that they wish to have him removed from power in the halls. He explains that he hopes that once Saproprias and his evil presence is removed from the halls that they might be cleansed and laid to rest and that the elves might find some amount of peace.

Sorathen explains that Saproprias cannot be destroyed using conventional means his essence must be reunited with his body but explains that he does not know the location of Saproprias' essence. He offers the party a reward if they will clear his families name and lay Saproprias to rest.

The book Sorathen carries includes a number of letters sent from Saproprias to Felinar who was Saproprias's brother and Sorathen's Grandfather. The letters entreat Felinar to join him in the broken halls and continue the fight against the humans in undeath.

Arit'zar explains the location of the essence but also explain that he knows not how to get through the locked door into Saproprias's tomb but that the mud wyrms are linked to Saproprias and they would be able to open the door. When the door is opened the essence is returned to Saproprias turns to dust and blows away. The halls start to cave in on themselves and nothing remains above ground.