Rohden Alliance

Rohden Alliance

Four realms make up the Rohden Alliance, Telish Throne and Bilkan Kingdom on Tilmar and the Dragonsong Dominion and Driran Kingdom on Corsain.

The alliance's aim is to jointly protect the islands of Tilmar, Corsain and Alibor. While the realm of Zinzunzan on Alibor is not part of the alliance, the strategic importance of the island couldn't be ignored by the alliance's members and it was therefore decided to include it in its naval protection goal.

While the four realms operate jointly against outside naval threats, there is no prohibition against internal problems or even wars.

The naval traditions of Corsain and Tilmar date back to shortly after the Cataclysm. When Bloodstone returned to the world, the Rohden Navy was the most powerful naval force on Layonara. Blood didn't dare to take on the navy until several decades after his return, when he did though, the Rohdenian navy was utterly destroyed leaving the islands open to invasion.

The invasion killed the vast majority of the population and laid waste to many cities, towns and villages. Only now that the Dark Ages have been over are the realms back on their way to recovery.