Rhugal's Realm

Molten Island is in the northeast hemisphere and is surrounded by the Spine Straits. This land is both horrendous and beautiful. Its peaks boast some of the highest points on Layonara's surface. It is an ever-growing island, both outward and upward, through its fiery eruptions and earthbends. Numerous active lava fonts and volcanoes riddle this island's surface, giving the island an orange-hued glow at night.

The island's resources are known to only a precious few. In addition to the plant and inorganic resources, there are several creatures found exclusively on the island. The island itself is surrounded by a nearly impassable reef. The reef's greatest danger is its unpredictability; frequent earthbends constantly change the coastal geography, making the already dangerous waters even more treacherous and impossible to chart accurately. Only the best and the bravest ' or the craziest - captains dare these ocean waters.