Raven's Watch: Government and Politics

At the moment, Raven's Watch is ruled by Aumundr of the Raven tribe. Aumundr currently rules over the whole of Krashin. Aumundr's clan is also the clan that gives the name to the Raven tribe and makes up about ninety percent of the tribe. Therefore, the names Raven tribe and Raven clan have become synonymous in practice. The Raven clan has been the dominant clan on Krashin for the last century or so.

Since they live in a harsh climate close to the ocean, most denizens of Krashin worship Mist. Few are devoted worshipers, but most offer her the respect she commands. The exception to this rule is the whalers, who are almost all very faithful followers of Lady Doom since they are at her mercy when they sail to hunt the whales in the polar ocean. Toran, Rofirein, and Vorax are honored for their martial virtues, but they are too dogmatic and strict to truly appeal to the fiercely independent Krashinites-so it is Mist who has the greatest influence on how things run in Krashin.

In addition to Lady Doom's clergy, the Krashinite chieftains also play a religious role. The chieftain of each clan serves as a link between his people and their ancestors, who now dwell in the halls of the gods. Through sacrifice and traditional or ceremonial deeds, the chieftains keep this link alive.