Rael Kingdom

Shady oaks, towering needle-thin pines, knobby cedars, elegant black cherry, scented dogwoods'over half of Rael is forest. From Orc's Watch over to the Lake of Tears and then straight down almost to Seawatch Fort, thick forest is the norm, studded with a few azure lakes and slow flowing rivers and streams. This northeastern portion of Rael is what keeps the realm thriving even in dark times. Natural resources abound, and many of the plants in the forest have already become accustomed to low-light conditions in the shade of the towering oaks. Even with the sun blotted to a gray smear in the sky during the Dark Ages, the forest survived. Many wild plants flourish: skullcap, aloe, chamomile, and a wild tea leaf that is very popular in Vale] Deer, boar, and bear are seen around the forest along with other typical forest animals. Rangers say that the number of animals roaming the thick woods is diminishing, but not significantly so, and that plant life is adapting.

Beyond the edges of the forest lay some of the most fertile farming fields on Layonara. The land that is now called Rael is referred to as the breadbasket of Dregar for the variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains produced in its plains and fields. Staple crops are wheat, barley, and rice in the southern half; cranberries, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, apples, and grapes to the north; and sweet peas in every garden large to small.

Along the western coast are several clusters of hills, likely the worn nubs of small mountains from the formation of the continent. There are no mountains or desert areas in Rael.