Pyrtechon: Hierarchy - Calvin Bruckermin

Blood Lord Calvin Bruckermin

Calvin Bruckermin is a human cleric. He is middle-aged and seems mild-mannered and almost meek when met outside the Crimson Cathedral. Inside, he's a focus of calm and quiet evil in a shrieking charnel house of blood and pain. It is his measured ways combined with his clever use of his trustworthy, quiet appearance that has kept him in power for so long (as Blood Lords go) since he is easy to underestimate by the ambitious and has not yet shown the true extent of his power. He does only as much as is needed to remove a problem'keeping his cards tight to his chest. According to Rofirein records, Calvin is known to have been born in Krandor. His parents died presumably natural deaths some years ago, and he was an only child. He spent eight years as a clerk in Spellguard then disappeared from the public eye. He resurfaced a decade and a half later as a clerk to the previous Blood Lord, Barna Gravehand, and seized power the year after that. He has put his soft, brown eyes; gentle, tenor voice; and tonsured head to good use in bringing young, tender sacrifices to the Destroyer's altar.