Built on a natural slab of bedrock, the city of Prantz has a spectacular view of the surrounding areas from the walkways along the walls. The majority of the area surrounding the city is flat fields with the sharply peaked roofs of Sierra to the north, the thick tree cover of the Forest of Fog to the east, the lovely, lightly wooded Haft Lake and its sparkling blue namesake to the east, and the rounded low hills of Anvil to the north. Dominant, however, are the farmers' fields, comprising 70 percent of the visible land. Grains are the favorite crops of Prantz. The fields, viewed from the walls, resemble a plaid kilt of barley, wheat, and rye plots.

The city walls are oval, and the city is divided into several sections or gates. The main gate is the main set of doors in and out, in view of Dalos Lake. The east and west gates are residential with Merchants Row having been expanded recently housing almost all commerce. The courthouse area is the former citadel to Rofirein and also contains the newly extended barracks, and finally, the castle resides on a block of its own with a formidable wall surrounding it. Every area is laid out in straight lines, another of the many things Raklin did to improve the city.

Rather than the wood buildings typical elsewhere, Prantz has a local supply of limestone and most of the buildings are made of that smooth light rock. The few wooden buildings are concentrated in the poorest parts of Prantz near the east gate, while the magnificent Castle Rael is of the purest limestone, almost white and shot through with pale beige quartz.