Parched Hills

The Parched Hills lie near the center of the southern part of Vanavar and they take their name from their arid terrain. While the Forest of Cel receives the rain that the Broken Mountains deflect from the hills, only a few small streams roll down the western face of the mountains and vanish underground at the base of the hills. These streams continue to flow into the desert and form Vulture Lake, a lovely oasis in the expanses of dunes and dry air. This oasis holds the water that flows to the towns of Merimar and Hilum.

The Parched Hills are an odd sight on an island with so much rainfall. Home to many desert-dwelling beasts and the occasional tribe of wandering non-humans, the area plays an important role in Mirikel's economy as the caverns under the hills are rich with minerals. Coincidentally, these caves are also well guarded by fierce creatures that call the caverns home.