Northern Gate

Northern Gate sprawls on flat plains between Fogg's Wall and the great North Gate. The plains are fertile ground and the city is less a single spot than a continuous, rolling series of small building clusters broken by farm land and tree stands. Cool cove breezes flow over the massive stone wall most days, with mild winters and temperate summers; except for the late fall and early winter hurricane season, when all of Northern Gate bunkers down and most shipping make their runs to the other side of the island. Some blame the odd ocean currents for the numerous harsh weather events while others claim it's a curse of angry sea elves, or angry gods, or some other disaffected entity. But the fact that Northern Gate becomes the landfall for tempests of slicing rain and shearing winds several times or more per year is undisputed and most of Corsain secretly wonders why the residents stay there.

Northern Gate's cove is nameless, simply being called "the cove". It is given to competing currents, and undertows are murderous near the shoreline; most locals will fish it but swimming there is laughed at. The cove is split into two forks at the inland terminus. The north fork is spiked with two long docks of weathered but sturdy imported timber and a number of hastily built and easily replaced storage huts along the outside of Fogg's Wall. The east fork is not spoken of, and generally left alone.