Morningstar (Ship)

One of the new designs in shipping is the Morningstar class, loosely named after the man who commissioned the first one, Saviar Morgensen of Hurm. The advantage of the Morningstar vessels is that they are designed in such a way that less manpower is needed to run the ship compared to other ships of similar size. A handful of the vessels have now been constructed in Hurm, and several other shipyards in western Dregar are looking to obtain the blueprints so they too can profit from the rising demand for this type of ship.

The Morningstars are meant to cut costs in shipping goods across the world and thereby increase the profits of the ships owners. They were designed primarily as a merchant vessel, and not intended for use as naval vessels, something their initial commissioner regrets. It is rumored that shipbuilders are now looking into the possibility of outfitting these ships for naval use.