Months And Dates

The Almanac in Layonara has been translated into many languages. This is where you can find the names of the days and months translated into the Common language.

Days By Race

Day  Human  Voltrexian/Elvish  Dwarvish  Halfling  Gnome
Sunday  Sunra  Ausirday/Ausir's Wake  Unionday  Clan Day  Seventhday
Monday  Mulari  Woodfell/Day of Wood  Firstday  Ausir's Day  Firstday
Tuesday  Tunar  Seaempty/Day of Water  Seconday  Rain Day  Seconday
Wednesday  Wedlar  Landburn/Day of Fire  Thirday  Desert Day  Thirday
Thursday  Threas  Windvoice/Day of Air  Fourthday  Wind Day  Fourthday
Friday  Freas  Tremor/Day of Soil  Restday  Planting Day  Fifthday
Saturday  Satari  Ornday/Orn's Watch  Replenishday  Orn's Day  Sixthday

Months By Race

Month  Human  Voltrexian/Elvish  Dwarvish  Halfling  Gnome
January  Janra  Nature's Fever/Deepsleep  New Work  Hearth Glow  First Moon
February  Febra  Tinder Light/Waken Lands  Good Flame  Weaving  Second Moon
March  Mar  Sunglow/Slow Warmth  Honor Bound  Blossom  Third Moon
April  Apreal  Crisp Leaf/Free Mingle  Clan Forge  Clan Passage  Fourth Moon
May  Mai  Nature's Gale/Feverwind  Ale Flow  Luck's Gift  Fifth Moon
June  Junar  Snowfell/Forest Char  Strong Hammer  Clan Work  Sixth Moon
July  Jular  Frost's Bite/Scorched Land  Gleam  Early Gathering  Seventh Moon
August  Augra  Gentle Wake/Soothing Rain  Sour Swill  Drowsy Spell  Eighth Moon
September  Seplar  Slow Warmnth/Sunglow  Enduring  Feast Plenty  Ninth Moon
October  Oclar  Plenty Thaw/Leaf Musk  True Axe  Needle Lace  Tenth Moon
November  Novlar  Sun Radiance/Gather Wind  Ember Heat  Late Gathering  Eleventh Moon
December  Decilar  Forest Char/Snowfell  Peacebringing  Dark Rest  Twelfth Moon