Mith'oromarde is located deep within the Broken Mountains. This ancient capital of the Vanavar elves, hewn out of the gray stone of the mountain itself, was long thought to be lost. The city had even entered the realm of myth until an adventuring party discovered its halls while searching for one of the three items created by the lich Drezneb.

The adventurers managed to lift the curse that held Mith'oromarde's rulers, Haevanil and Loranthean, and their followers as lycanthropes. Since then, the elves have begun to reclaim the city and renew it: their halls have been made clean, trade with the younger races has started again, elven griffon-riders have been sighted patrolling their domain, and even their scattered kin have begun returning to their ancient home in the Broken Mountains. Nonetheless, the elves of Mith'oromarde number no more than a couple of hundred at the moment.

Small shrines to all elven deities can be found inside the stronghold.