Mist: Hierarchy - Varsha

Varsha: Tide of the Northeast

Varsha was next in the family line to hold the title Tide of the Southwest until her twin brother Okoth toppled their mother, Don'any, from the seat and claimed it for his own. His timing was impeccable as it occurred just as Varsha entered her year of seclusion as part of her induction to the Trade Winds. She returned from her meditations to find her mother's reputation tainted. She was enraged by the audacity of her sibling. Varsha has been groomed since birth by her ambitious family to lead the temples of Mist. To them, the rank of Tide is her birthright and her stepping stone to Tempest. Never far from her mother's side, Varsha was nurtured by the dogma of Lady Doom. Over and over she was assured by her mother that she was destined to be Tempest one day and bring glory to the family. The devotion and affection that Don'any had denied Okoth was showered upon his elder twin. This affection was not without price as Don'any was a hard taskmistress to both her daughter and her son. Okoth rebelled from his mother's interference while Varsha excelled in it.

To Varsha, the ever-present challenge to do more, understand more, and to glorify the Lady of the Sea is a contest rather than a trial. Her abilities lie more in the calling of Lady Doom's wrath in the form of the elements; her strength in hand-to-hand battle is weak. Skilled in the school of evocation, her storms are unequaled by any current Tide and very few past ones. It is this power that may have tipped the current Tempest to place her opposite her brother in the Tide of the Northeast. It may also be the current Tempest's wishes to have the siblings at each other's throats rather than aiming for hers.

Varsha is slender and willowy and a spitting image of her mother. She has honey-colored hair and doe eyes with skin that always seems to have the tint of a blush. She is the Eye of Storms for the Trade Winds at the moment.