Mirikel: Military

Queen Miranda's long-term goals for her kingdom involve a strong army and navy capable of defending her land against foreign threats.


Currently, the navy consists of 10,000 men who are not solely seamen but also shipwrights and naval engineers. The fleet is currently half of its intended size, and the dry docks of the main naval base in Miriach are always busy as new commissioned ships are being prepared to bolster the armada. The navy's flagship, Victory, sails proud as the lead of the fleet that patrols coastal waters and keeps the nearby shipping lanes relatively pirate-free year round.

Although the army stands at 9,000 (55% human, 30% elves, 10% halfling, 5% dwarves), it carries no tradition, so their identity as a unit has yet to be determined. Each shire provides the men it can, and together they form a patchwork of troops: elves are mostly archers, men are predominately pikemen, halflings are slingers, and the dwarves are the core of the heavy infantry. Although cohesion between the different troops is lacking, moral runs high as the army is well equipped by the treasuries and a military career has become a viable job for young men and women of the southern regions.

Although drills and exercises near their headquarters in Merimar and patrolling the Parched Hills are the army's main tasks, extensive war games are a yearly event south of Loy as the army shows off its martial skills as part of the festivities that mark the week-long festival that celebrates the kingdom's foundation.