Of all the sights and sounds of Lor, the one that imprints itself on the minds of every visitor is the screaming of the gulls. Beyond a mere native bird, the seagull has become a standard of Lor, an often joked about mascot for the city, unofficially called the Toe of Dregar. Gulls nest on rooftops, scream overhead, loiter around fishing boats hoping for luck or a bit of scrap from a kind sailor, and bobble on the ocean like so many gray-white dots on a canvas of watery blue.

The terrain of Lor is dominated by cliffs, some towering, some gentle. Not unlike Hurm, the coastline here is crinkled as if the continent smelled something foul from the southern ocean. Lor is tucked away with a sandy beach mostly covered by docks. The land is alternately covered with sand and the short-bladed, tough grass that grows near shores. Most of the trees have been cut down near the city; although, the occasional palm clump or lone pine catches sea breezes. 

Aside from the ever-present gulls, there are a wide variety of fish, many of them from near the Demise Strait and native to that area. Crabs and clams are sought after by children with buckets and adults alike, as are the eggs of the shore birds that nest in the dunes down from the city proper such as the southern booby and the southern king pelican, a huge bird more rare than in past centuries.