Liwich Kingdom

The Kingdom of The Sabre Angelica Liwich is bordered by the Almoran Ocean to the west, the Boyer Kingdom to the north, the Drifting Kingdom of Sedera to the east, and shares half of Viper’s Teeth Mountains and the Sinister Forest with their neighbors the Succession Kingdom in the south.
The general terrain of Liwich Kingdom varies widely, from the sparkling sandy beaches and rocky coast of Hurm and Wymere to the deeply silent Sinister Forest and the wind-whipped peaks of Viper’s Teeth. Only desert is not represented in the myriad of environments between her borders.
Closer to the northern end of the world, Liwich has only just started to see snowfall as the ocean breezes used to temper the climate all the way to the Sinister Forest. Now, as with so much of the world, chilly winds and sporadic snow are the norm with the sole exception of the swamp deep in the Sinister Forest that contains the Moss Crypts. In this damp, blackish green marsh, snow never falls; whether this is magical or a result of the heat produced by such a density of living things can’t be said for certain.