King's Foot

Originally created solely for use by Raklin Diamoniar's cobblers and then his tailors, The King's Foot is, as it says, the measured length of Raklin Diamoniar's foot. The foot was further divided into twelve fingers by an imaginative seamstress who noted that three of her hands stacked lengthwise (sans thumbs) spanned the entire foot. 

This system of measurement slowly leaked out over the years through the seamstress's daughters and the servant's grapevine and seeped into the consciousness of the southern Dregar countryside. From there it was imported by other tailors across Layonara as a defined way of measure -and a way to imply that the tailor in question had contributed to an outfit for a king.

Today, it is used alongside the Statute Mile by the Layonara Surveyors, Consolidated to help pinpoint locations. Spellgard and Huangjin share co-credit as the first cities to use the measure when dividing property lines, and very nearly every tailor and cobbler alive has continued to use the measure to create their garments. The original measure, marked out on a linen cloth, was kept in Prantz until the storming of the city by Lord Rael. The measure disappeared and resurfaced in Huangjin under the care of the new Toranite temple. Copies are made on request and donation to the church.