Katia: Temples

Temples to Katia are not found in cities. The majority are groves secreted away deep in the forests. Temples to Katia often do not appear as anything more then a copse of trees or a naturally occurring ring of trees. However, the occasional shrine can be found anywhere since the spirit of Katia is not only confined to the forest. Atop mountains, in moors, deserts, even a glacier have been home to small shrines and tribal temples. However, most Katian followers will tell you the true temple to Katia is within the heart and soul of her followers. Simply speak your words to her and she will hear you. Holding to her dogma and keeping the cycle balanced as well as the self, carries far more weight than the building of such temples or shrines or other
material expressions of faith.

Many small collectives that follow Katia even shun the crafting of such places, choosing instead to simply find beautiful places of the world, naturally occurring, to recite their prayers or perform their ceremonies such as weddings or funerals.